Water leakage detection systems; measurement and remote datalogging of flow and pressure via GPRS/FTP


Acoustic loggers for water leakage detection. Phocus2 Loggers acústicos para pré-localização de fugas de água.

Phocus.sms On-line Acoustic loggers for water leakage detection via SMS.

Eureka3-Leak noise correlator with touch panel interface.

Eureka Digital- Advance correlation system with multiple correlation interface.

Enigma- Multipoint correlator system with 3 or 8 autocorrelating loggers.

Enigma hyQ- Multipoint correlator system with hydrophone sensors for trunk main leak location.

Mikron Advanced leakage detection system with ground microphone and acoustic hand probe.

Hykron Simple leakage detection system with hand probe and ground listening.

XiLog+ GPRS/SMS IP68 datalogger for registration and transmission of flow, pressure and analogue outputs.

PrimeLog+ IP68 datalogger for registration of flow, pressure and analogue outputs.

Primeprobe2 Electromagnetic insertion flowmeter with batteries and IP68.

Data management software.