Pre-cast Elements

OLMET ITALY designs, manufactures, transfers know-how and provides full technical and global, where a solution is required for industrial prefabrication of any pieces of concrete and / or pre-stressed, using advanced and innovative Technologies.

For example:

  • Large spans bridge beams.
  • Composite slabs.
  • Panels for the construction of buildings in social housing projects.
  • Precast columns and beams for construction of industrial buildings.

Each project is studied and analyzed taking in account its specificity, in order to meet adequately the technical and economic needs of each particular case.
We emphasize the possibility of providing solutions type “Turnkey” and support for the training of Client technicians and workers until they reach the cruise phase in terms of manufacture.

Thanks to its experience in providing more than 1100 installations in over 25 countries worldwide, OLMET develops the study of the entire production cycle, from conception, design, drawings, construction and installation, up to final placement in operation.

There is also the possibility of providing skilled Technicians, to provide technical support in terms of executing the works and on-site assembly of components manufactured, efficiently and economically.
The Olmet export capacity, which today represents 80% of its turnover, is guaranteed by a network of Agents ready to ensure a proper and adequate technical and professional support.

Each client is monitored and supported, in order to optimize and secure his investment.

All projects mechanical, electrical and electronic, are developed by a team of Engineers and Technicians skilled and experienced, which ensure an efficient and economic operation, granting a process of consulting in real time.
All components of the facilities provided by OLMET are tested and certified before being sent to Customers, thus avoiding delays and problems during its assembly and in the plant starting.