For determination of sieve grading (granulometry) of aggregates for concrete, soils and bitumens. Openings from 0,038 to 125 mm Supplied with factory conformity certificate. According to NP EN 933-1; ASTM E11, LNEC E 196 and LNEC E 239

Aluminium frame and steel bars Apertures from 2,50 to 50,0mm According to NP EN 933-3 Supplied with conformity certificate

Used to agitate sieves when performing tests of sample grading (granulometry)

Used to split samples according to the various sizes. Models with openings of various sizes According to NP EN 933-3

Capacity 50, 100, 200, 250, 450 e700 Litres. Used for the drying of several types of material. Temperature adjustable to from 0 to 200ºC Forced ventilation Digital reading

Equipped with timer According to NP EN 933-8, LNEC E-199 e ASTM D2419 – 09

Assessment of fines Supplied in plastic carrying case According to NP EN 933-8, LNEC E-199 e ASTM D2419 – 09

Several ranges of measurement and precision For weighing several types of samples Models with system for suspension weighing

Aggregate shape gauge. According to NP EN 933-4

Determination of the clay content in the fines fraction of the aggregates According to NP EN 933-9

Determination of resistance to fragmentation Equipped with a programmable automatic counter Possibility to come equipped with noise reduction cabin Supplied complete with abrasive charges according to NP EN or ASTM EN 1097-2, ASTM C131, LNEC E-237, NF P18-573

Used for the determination of the skid resistance properties of a surface either in the field or in the laboratory. According to NP EN 1097-8 and ASTM

Determination of the polished stone value Measurement of the resistance of road stone to the polishing action of vehicle tires on a road surface. According to NP EN 1097-8

Determination of the resistance to wear of aggregates. It can also be used for the construction of railways through the layers of ballast Protection from noise, CE Weight : 130 Kg According to NP EN 1097-1, NP EN 13450; NF –P18-572, NF P 18-576

Used for the incineration of organic matter Three different models with temperature ranges from 1100 to 1200ºC +/- 4ºC According to NP EN 196-2

Complete set consisting of Table with pulley Support for concrete specimens Density Basket According to NP EN 1097-6 e NP EN 12390-7

For a fast and precise determination of moisture(Humidity) on several types of materials.