Bituminous Mixtures

Bituminous mixtures and binders. Laboratory and on site tests

Covers a broad área, from the characterization of materials, control of mixtures and binders on the lab, up to its application and the conditions of preservation of road pavements.

Analogical or digital readings Speed : 50,8 mm/min Adjustable height of the upper cross beam With possibility of data transfer to a PC According to EN 13286-47, ASTM D1883 and LNEC E 198 There are models able to perform CBR/Marshall tests  

Manual compaction : Marshall mould Sliding weight rammer Compaction pedestal with mould holder Universal hydraulic extractor

With this equipment it is possible to assess the density and degree of compaction of bituminous pavements during and after compaction. With it’s non nuclear technology it doesn’t require to be operated by a specialized technician, nor it requires special transport and storage.

For measurement of penetration on a bituminous sample. 3 Versions : Standard and semiautomatic with digital reading, and electronic automatic with motorised mobile head, digital keyboard, microprocessor and LCD alphanumerical display According to EN 1426, ASTM D5, AASHTO T 49.

Determination of content and percentage of bitumen by the centrifuge method High speed continuous flow Filterless, assuring a full recovery of the filler Up to 400 g of filler recovered with each test. According to EN 12697-1 e ASTM D2172

Ring and ball – For determining the softening point of bituminous materials. Automatic and manual versions According to EN 1427, ASTM D36 e AASTHO T53 EN 12846, EN 13357, ASTM D88, ASTM D940, ASTM D1665, ASTM D88

Viscometers To assess the viscosity of bitumen and bituminous binders

Used for extraction of pavement core samples, for laboratory testing 4-stroke petrol engine 6 Hp Coring range up to 200 mm dia., depending on the type of asphalt. Two wheels and 4 stabilising feet Weight : 110 Kg

Used for the determination of road surface irregularity Fitted with a recording unit to obtain a graph of vertical deviations

For the determination of the stifness modulus and resistance to fatigue on bituminous pavements Types of tests : servo-Hydraulic or servo-pneumatic According to EN 12697-24, EN 12697-25, EN 12697-26 and ASTM D4123.

With the giratory compactor it is possible to assess the long term performance of a pavement. It is the the only European compactor approved by the FHWA- USA Pneumatic vertical pressure High repeatability and precision verified by international research centers Light and rigid structure that allows for an easy utilization everywhere, with a protable computer […]

Our compactor Dyna-Comp was designed to allow the compaction of asphalt slabs of 300 x 400 mm with thicknesses from 25 to 100 mm To prepare samples for wheel tracking Samples for indirect tension and dynamic tests According to EN 12697-33

This equipment is used to assess the resistance to wear of a pavement, by simulating traffic. Base movement : 230 ± 5 mm Frequency of cycles : adjustable from 20 to 40 cycles/minute Load applied on the wheel : 700 ± 10 N Accuracy of depth measurement : better than 0,01 mm Controlled temperature cabin […]

30 litres laboratory mixer with incorporated heating Temperature controlled by diathermic oil Electronic speed control Double helical horizontal mixing shaft, that ensures an homogeneous mixing, accord to the current standars. Heating Power : 6000 W Temperature range : up to 250ºC Weight approx.. : 350 Kg According to : EN 12697-35 e ASTM D 1539

Used for the determination of the skid resistance properties of a surface either in the field or in the laboratory. According to EN 13036-4 Supplied on a wood box

Vaccum pyknometer 10 Litres capacity Electric agitator Vacuum pump According to EN 12697-5, ASTM. D 2041-03 and LNEC 267

Used to maintain in water the Marshall specimens to be tested at 60+/- 1 ºC (asphalt specimens) or 37,8+/- 1ºC (tar specimens)

The number of strokes can be pre-set on the automatic digital counter. Mould fixation system Robust and with CE security doors. According to EN 12697-10 and ASTM D1559 Capacity : 30 and 50 litres Embedded controller and digital read out According to : EN 12697-34 – ASTM D1559, D5581 e AASHTO T245

10 and 20 litres capacity Robust and easy of handle Possibility of isomantle heater According to EN 12697-35 and ASTM D 1539

Binder recovery by rotary evaporation Recovery of binder of a bituminous mixture According to EN 12687-1, EN 12697-3, ASTM D5404 and AASHTO TP2

Used for the total recovery of the solvente used on extraction methods. The recovered solvent can be used again in future extractions.

Determination of percentage content of bitumen by the ignition method Totally automatic test cycle Internal database with capacity to store up to 100 test results Each test can be printed or transmitted to a PC Continuous weighing system Afterburner chamber independently controlled, for a total combustion of exhaust fumes, significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere. […]