Cement tests– Determination of cement Caractheristics

  •   Preparation and curing of specimens for cement tests
  •   Flexure and compression tests
  •   Setting time and consistency of cement
  •   Physical Properties

Preparation and curing of specimens for strength tests

Individually tested with certified instruments All parts marked and identified Minimum hardness HV400 (65-L0010/B) Supplied with traceable certificate of conformity (65-L0010/B)

Jolting apparatus for compaction of specimens 4x4x16cm Main features Easy verification of compliance with Standards: weight distribution, dimensions etc. Rigid structure assuring stability and no distortion New control panel with digital cycle counter, automatic, secure, ergonomic Automatic performance of the programmed jolting cycle Rapid mould lock and release system High value: long-lasting and reliable over […]

Main features – Strictly conforming to Standards – Automatic testing cycles- Large digital display monitoring the test cycle in real time including total and residual time intervals – 4 programmable mixing cycles con-forming to EN 196-1, EN 196-3, DIN 1164-5, and DIN 1164-7 – 1 mixing cycle programmable by the operator – Acoustic signal synchronised […]

According to standards EN 459-2 and 1015-3 The number of strokes can be predefined on the machine and stops automatically at the end of the cycle. Model equipped with manual steering

Automatic Vicat apparatus Automatic test cycle Double recording: analogic on paper and digital by electronic sensor Storing of test results, settings and data Large graphic display to follow the test in real time RS 232 output for connection to PC and printer (see page 308) High flexibility in programming the test cycles as test start […]

WATER BATH WITH COOLING SYSTEM – For curing of cement samples and general use. For storage of hidrated samples at 20+/- 2ºC Maintains automatically the water temperature Electronic thermoregulator with digital dysplay Capacity: 40 litres and 70 cement samples of 40x40x160 mm.  

For curing of cement samples in general According to the following standards: EN 196-1, pr EN ISO 679, ASTM C87, ASTM C109, ASTM C190, ASTM C191 Strong structure of resistant polypropylene Water nebulizers Stainless steels sheves High capacity of samples With connection to a refrigerating unitfor a rigorous temperature control.

Several models available Semiautomatic Automatic Servo Controled Capacity range from 15 to 250 kN Possibility of testing several types of samples EN 196-1 ASTM C348 ASTM C349 ASTM C109

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