Concrete testing – Equipment for concrete testing on laboratory and on site
Perta has a complete range of products that enable to perform all kind of tests regarding concrete according to the relevant standards, among others we point out :

  • Preparation, manufacturing of samples for compression and flexure testing.
  • Tests on Blocks, Pavers, beams, flagstones and kerbs.
  • Slump Test
  • Cut and grinding of samples and cores
  • Air content of fresh concrete
  • Setting time
  • Coring

Perta is the representant of the best equipment brands for testing of concrete, allowing to perform all kinds of tests (compression, flexure, elasticity modulus, etc) on concrete samples, such as cubes, cylinders, Blocks, Pavers, beams, flagstones and kerbs.
We offer a broad array of solutions that allow to perform all the tests required by current standards, with a high degree of reliability and requirement.

Slump Cone Test Set, for Slump Test

Air entraiment meters for determination of air content in fresh concrete

Grinding machine for cores and samples

Universal specimen cutting machine

Universal core drilling machine, petrol or electric driven for extraction of test cores

Equipament to perform quality control in foundations at great depths. Evaluates the integrity of the concrete pile According ASTM D6760-07, ASTM D 6760-08, AFNOR NF P 94-160-1 (2000)

Equipamento usado para avaliar a integridade de estacas. Leituras rápidas e precisas. Segundo ASTM D5882

VIBRA SYSTEM – Equipamentos para Monitorização das Vibrações Utilizado em Construções, Estradas, Caminhos de Ferro, Demolições, Etc. Pode facilmente monitorizar as vibrações, que podem causar danos nos edifícios ou estruturas e equipamentos sensíveis.