Soil Mechanics

In all sections of Civil Engineering and in particular the mechanics of soils and rocks,it is required during the design phase to ensure that the analysis of soil properties are related directly to the foundations and structures.Using procedures that involve the extraction, analysis and testing of representative samples, the engineer can calculate a model very close to the real situation.In recent years we have seen a steady improvement of the experimental analysis resulting from more sophisticated tests, updating of Standards, etc.

Our represented Controls is an active participant in this approach to excellence and is recognized both in Europe and internationally, as the partner of choice for providing advanced level equipment of high importance in the field of quality control.

Over more than 60 years Wykeam Farrance, now integrated into CONTROLS Group, has been at the forefront of developing test systems designed to give engineers the information they need.


The triaxial test is primarily used to characterize the shear resistance and behavior for stress-deformation. Testing standards: BS 1377:7, 8 / ASTM D2850, D4767 / CENISO / TS 17892-8, 9 / NF P94 070, P94 074 Types of tests: Unconfined compression test (UC) consolidated drained Test (CD) Consolidated undrained test (CU) unconsolidated undrained test (UU) […]

Used to determine the mechanical properties of soils due to shear resistance This test determines the resistance of the soil to direct shear Controls offers three models: Digishear: with digital control and analog readout. Autoshear Automatic Version with possibility of data acquisition via PC Shearmatic Automatic Version and pneumatic loading (requires no weights), possibility of […]

Main features : According to standards . CEN-ISO/TS 17892-5, BS 1377-5, ASTM D2435, ASTM D3877, ASTM D4536, AASHTO T216, NF P94-090-1, NF P94-091, UNE 103-405, UNE 103-601, UNE 103-602 Compact and robust design Option for connection to a data acquisition system for transfer data to a PC

PC controlled fully automatic test execution Pneumatic system for incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests Performance of 24 hours 7 days tests without interruption and greater throughoutput of tests with a considerable cost decrease To avoid the negative environmental discrepencies as operator errors, non calibration etc. 15 kN max. capacity, 10 mm travel displacement transducer […]