Complete with metal tray, cone, plastic sand jar and calibration container

Non nuclear testing (alternative to the nuclear density gauge)

Analogicic or digital version Capacity : 100 and 200 KN Load plates with diameters from 300 to 760 mm Aluminum datum bar Possibility of transferring data to PC Supplied in wood box According to ASTM D1194, ASTM D1195, ASTM D1196, BS 1377:9

Determines the loading capacity of a soil and sub bases Fast and easy way to check the viability and the quality of compactionon soils and sub-bases Construction of Roads and Road Side Excavation Foundations Landfills and Ditches Can be supplied with trolley With possibility to transfer data to a PC Supplied complete with a factory […]

Plastic limit test set According to ASTM D427 e NP 143

Used to determine the moisture content at which a clay soil pass from a plastic to a liquid state. Hand or motor operated According to ASTM D4318 e NP 143

Composed by 4” and 6” diameter moulds Standard and modified compaction rammer According to EN 13286-2, ASTM D 558, ASTM D 698, ASTM D 1557, LNEC E197

System composed by : Mould Sliding weight rammer or Modified compaction rammer Slotted surcharge weight Annular surcharge weight Perforated plate with adjustable stem(swell plate) Dial gauge and tripod Spacer disc with T handle According to EN 13286-2, ASTM D 1883, LNEC E198

Automatic compaction of CBR/Proctor samples with de ø4” and ø6” – Pre-selection of the number of drops on the automatic drop counter Guarantees a homogenous distribution of drops due to a half rotation system. Robust and with security doors type CEBase, with automatic rotation Adjustable drop height Dimensions : 280 x 397 x 1774 mm. […]

Analogical or digital readings Speed: 1,27 mm/min. Adjustable height of the upper cross beam With possibility of data transfer to a PC According to EN 13286-47, ASTM D1883 and LNEC E 198 There are models able to perform CBR/Marshall tests